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Survey thing   
11:02pm 08/12/2008
I got tagged by Kara to do this survey

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Isabella dress, version 2   
12:58am 03/11/2008

Yeah... usual drill, I'm lazy/bad at post in my journal, meant to do this sooner.

Anyway, this october I ended up going to the Maryland Renaissance Faire two times.  Because I've had so many commissions I've been working on I regretably didn't have a chance to make a new gown; so I made some changes on my blue spanish dress.

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Devinat art is crazy XDDD   
01:18am 09/10/2008
  So I've been a member of deviantart for about 5 years, and in the recent years I've pretty much ignored my gallery, have posted a few things now and again, but yeah, not something that I pay much attention or time to. 

Anyway, a few years ago (I think), there was all this hulabaloo about the pixel artists whining about how much they hate "dollz" and how there should be a new catagory outside of pixelart for them.

This rankled me for several reasons.  The main one being that it seemed like a matter of taste.  The mainly male isometric artists were complaining about the mainly female made art "invading" their catagory.  As a person who belives in freedom of speach; the idea of something legitimate being shoved out of sight because it annoys people, well frankly it seemed like a bad idea.  There was the argument that alot of doll artists use bases, but I think that could  be considred a collaboration, which is frequently done by the "non doll" pixel artists, also so many isometric artists use the same "pixel dam" person base. 

Additionally if a doll catagory were to  be made, what would be the way one could judge were things would go.  If a pixel artist made a character pixel art that was very girly and it was all the artist's own work how is it not legitimally pixel art?  It would have to come down to a very arbatrary judgement on style.  This seems a poor way to regulate a website. 

So I stated these arguments in the discussion of this potential new catagory, and was argued with; and anyway they made the new catagory for dolls, outside the pixel art catagory.  I decided not to raise a stink, calmly deleted all my pixel art that used others bases (that wasn't already in my scraps), and kept the remainder in the pixel art catagory. 

Skip to a few days ago, I've since fallen out of the "doll" scene, hardly do much pixel art anymore (mostly work on kiss dolls), and I sign onto DA to check on a comic I like.  I look in my message box and find a notification that one of my pixel art peices has been moved to the doll catagory.  Annoyed I checked the current descriptions of the pixelart and doll catagorys, see that there is no reason this peice should not be in the pixel art catagory and write off a complaint to the help desk that pretty much says what I have said here so far.

So today I got on DA to check to see what was going on, and am shocked to see I have like 600 messages!!

The peice they moved has been made into a Daily Deviation!  What the heck!


For those not aquainted with this sites lingo, theDaily Deviations (or DDs) is were a few (like 10) peices of art are chosen every day to get special notice on the main page.  For a site that has soooo many users and so many things posted everyday this is a HUUUGE deal!  It's like getting gold in the Deviantart Olympics. 

To make things weirder, I check to see who nominated me, it's ShoneGold, the current pixelart gallery manager.  So yeah this is the person who proubly moved my peice to begin with, and who seems like would get forwarded my complaint. 

I havn't gotten any response to my complaint, and the peice hasn't been put back into the pixelart catagory.

Very strange goings on.

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11:17pm 22/09/2008
  While working on commissions tonight I caught the reflection of myself in the window dancing to my ipod. I totally dance like the girls from "The Breakfast Club" Yeah... maybe it's all the 80's music I listen too. Yay for rythmic flailing of arms and legs!  
Pirate photoshoot.   
10:51pm 19/09/2008
There be large photos ahead me ruffled mateys!Collapse )
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Birthday list   
01:51am 14/07/2008

Well, my birthday is coming up on August 1rst, and I figured I'd make a birthday list.  I decided to post it here, not  because I expect gifts from any of you =)  but rather because I always find it intresting to see what other people ask for.

Admittedly I mostly posted this because my journal is very much lacking in content.  I have several posts I keep meaning to make, and not getting around to it.

Oh and I've been making LJ icons, and am starting to get a bit.... tense about my limited amount of icons, so if someone really does want to get me something for my birthday, a paid account would be fun.

There I said it... I feel terribly greedy. lol
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The Dark Side   
06:53pm 21/06/2008
  Well I've finally given in and  joined Poupee Girl after seeing Vivcore's amazing account.  It is more then a little addicting.  


Thats me, please add if you wish =)

I posted what I could find on my hardrive.  I'm going to  be replacing most of those pictures =)
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Sewing Dump? (copied from EGL)   
06:33pm 17/05/2008
    I decided to celebrate finally getting a fully functional laptop by posting some photos of my recent commissions and doings.  XD

Bonnet, skirt, tricorn hats, cakehat mark 2, and bumroll?Collapse )
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02:07am 22/04/2008
  I figured since I posted the beginnings of my dress on my last post, I should actually post the results. Here are the photos from the meetup at Hillwood when I wore it.


I have to say, I'm fairly happy with it, and it's proubly my new favorite dress. I love the hat, but I'm not satisfied with how I was wearing it. I'm planning on doing a photoshoot of the dress at the nearby creek (wearing my brown walmart maryjanes XD), and I'm going to try to wear the hat diffrently.

The meetup was alot of fun. Highlights include being mistaken for japanese dancers by the staff of the garden (all of the dancers were wearing kimonos XD), we proubly could have gotten in for free if we wanted to lie.. Getting soundly denied liquor by the waiter at the cafe (the tea came with the option of champagne, sherry and something else), he just sorta assumed, even though we were all atleast a few years over 21. Having some japanese lady direct her children's attention to us by calling us "harajuku princesssu". XDD

On a somewhat related note, my camara is funny, as this is the best photo it took the whole day, which I took while WALKING by the bush.


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Spring Violets Dress, in progress   
10:48pm 10/04/2008
  I remember why I don't post in progress shots of my sewing projects very often (if ever?). I'm spending so much time sewing, that I don't really have the energy to post the photos lol.

Anyway here are some I've taken these past two weeks of a dress I'm making to wear this Sunday to the Hilltop Gardens with Mary, Angel, Becky, and her husband. Also a new hair style I'm thinking of wearing.

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Pinups, Sailormoon, and Saints   
11:42pm 25/03/2008
  Easter Sunday was rather pleasent and relaxed, I'm enjoying lots of feasting after all the Lent. Yay for 50 days of celebration! Heres a pretty photo of the Easter cake I made.

The cake is a brown butter, vanilla, and almond teacake; I served it with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Delicious! It's from the amazing dessert cookbook I got for my birthday: "The Sweet Life, desserts from Chanterelle".


It's full of amazingly complicated delicious fancy desserts.

and since I've figured out my digital camara takes better photos of my art then the scanner scans them, here are several peices that I took photos of durring a very very long School Meeting.

ArtCollapse )

I finally had something to post to Daily lolita, yay!
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Happy Easter!   
12:38am 23/03/2008
  Happy Easter to all of you.

These are some blown out eggs I decorated in celebration, and as a sort of memorial for my maternal Grandmother, who made ornaments like these.

More detailed photos under cutCollapse )

So I'm going to wear my pretty green strawberry dress tommorow/today with the cute felt strawberry hat no one wants to buy XDDD It's my Easter bonnet now! Even if the weather is going to be cold
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Science!! I say Science again!   
02:07am 16/03/2008
  This past wendsday I was at my parent's house dyeing eggs for an Easter craft project my Mother and I are doing; and we got some steaks in the mail. See my Father apparently got some free omaha steaks for test driving some fast sports car.

I dunno about you, but I think he got the better end of the deal.

Anyway, the steaks were packed in dry ice, so of course my Mother immediatly grabbed a peice and stuck it in a bowl of water, cackling "Witches brew! Witches brew!!". Once this had lost it's luster, she came up with another idea:

"Tyler stick some of that food coloring in the bowl, maybe it'll make the smoke colored."

This proved harder then it might have been, since I was working with paste food coloring, and it wouldn't dissolve into the cold water. So we scooped the dry ice out of the first bowl, and into a bowl of food coloring I was done with. This is what happened.

The carbon dioxide vapor, rather then just smokeing from the surface of the water (now food coloring), instead came up in bubbles, which floated on the surface and then popped in a tiny burst of swirling vapor.

We think it was the vinegar in the dye bath, but as we are not chemists, I'm not really sure. Looks pretty cool though. Too bad youtube seems to have eaten the quality of the video. DX

OH HAY!! I'm selling lots of cute lolita accessories! Please buy some so that I can continue to rationalize my random purchases of pretty fabric when I'm "supposed" to be saving up for a new laptop.

Although if no one buys that strawberry hat, I'm so wearing it on Easter Sunday with my green strawberry dress. Ermmm not to Mass though lol
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03:19am 10/03/2008
  ah, so I didn't win the violet contest, perhaps my entery was too normal. Anyway, I liked it XD Well atleast now I can post it to my Deviantart

I'm so glad I've gotten over my super competitiveness, it used to be (like 6 years ago lol) that I would get terribly upset if I didn't win. Ah, maturation. I did think it funny that I was so literal, violet = violets

I sketched out (and inked) a new lolita pinup based on a suggestion that someone draw one of Sophie, the "mascot" of the egl community. It's very cute, but I'll proubly not post it to the community after all the stink over pinups. It's not that I'm worried about it being too "sexual" because frankly, I don't consider my pinups very sexual. This may seem like a funny thing to say, but I think of them more being cute and innocent, highlighting the beauty of feminine charms without being overt.

Mostly it's because I don't want any drama, and I don't really want to be considered a "copycat" lol. It's such a grade school idea, but I guess it bothers me. I've love pretty feminine undergarments and drawing them for years, if you've ever played with a majority of my Kiss dolls, you would know that I usually pay close attention to the lingerie of my dolls.

Anyway I'll post it here when I'm done.

Speaking of kiss dolls, I'm a bit concerned I've lost my patietence for doing pixelart. Perhaps I can get myself back into it.

Recently I've been teaching a "how to draw manga style" class at my school to two very tall german boys. It's funny, because I've had to remind myself how to draw in a traditionally manga style, because even my current way of drawing "manga" is so stylized as to not be obviously cliche animu.

It's made me realize how fun drawing in a manga style is. These past few years, I've mostly focused on teaching myself a more realistic illustration style, because I've been very intrested in ecclesiastical art. I really love drawing religious subjects (I've been working on an amazing peice of Saints Perpetua and Felicity), but it's a rather serious subject, and I've never completed a peice. Mostly because so far I've really not been happy with my attempts at coloring them. I've been using watercolor, and so far it's turned out too.. color book like.

Anyway, the point of this is that I'm thinking of doing a few animu style peices for fun. To further the time-warpness of this, they are going to be of some of my old "characters".

let me show you themCollapse )
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True story lol   
01:14am 09/03/2008
  Actual conversation Autumn and I had with some girls working at the local salvation army.

I had just gone up to the counter to purchase a new purse (after my last one had died), when Autumn walked in after looking at the movie store next door.

Me: Look at the purse I found, isn't it cute!
Autumn: Success!!
Ladies at the counter: Are you guys from around here?
Autumn and I: Ummm... well yes
Ladies: Oh, well you guys sound foreign, ya know?
Me: Oh... Umm well I grew up in Philly, and then moved into the country, and Autumn grew up in upstate New York....
Ladies (interupting me): well.. you guys don't seem like you are from around here...

LOL!! I am foreign!! This wasn't the conversation verbatim, but it gives a general idea of the content of it.

Mostly: Autumn and I are foreign!

Admittedly I do dress kinda alot like a victorian school marm in the winter, the purse was classic looking, aka proubly looked grandma-ish to these women, and Autumn and I both wear very similar (and classic looking) coats... but, I dunno it was weird. XD!!
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Photo posts and more dress designs of course.   
11:27pm 03/03/2008
  Hello, welcome to another foray into me attempting to keep my lj updated, the menu for today is short recaps with a side of lazy linking.

The weekend before last was a huge meetup of the philly lolitas, followed by Mary visiting me, braving my friends, agreeably coming to church, and then getting dragged to the Deleware Art Museum so that I can babble to her about pre-raphlite art. What a trooper.

Really it was very wonderful, I always love it when she visits me (ermm the two times we have done it). It's a tad frustraiting we live somewhat far away, and neither of us drive >.< We must make sure to do it again.

Photos from both art museums, and her always witty commentary. ily Mary!

I really do love pre-raphlite art, and romantic art, and art nouveau, and art deco...

Anyway, I also posted photos of the green toile dress I wore to the first meetup on the egl community, showing how versital it is (transformer dress XD). I might get a few commissions for that, which is great. It's funny how you have to seemingly constantly remind the egl community you take commissions or they forget about you. Ah well. I guess out of sight out of mind.

Photos of transformer dress

This past weekend, I went to the Philly flowershow with my parents, which was nice. I took a million photos (actually 233), which I am kinda in the middle of editing to post (the good ones that is). My dad bought my mother and I flowers, which was sweet of him. I got white roses (because I have rich taste XD) and my mother got daffodils.

I'm also "finishing" the hats, I keep getting more orders XDD, so it's kinda hard to actually finish with them. It's really wet my taste for hats though. More trimming them then making them from scratch though.

I bought some pretty fabric from walmart the other day, and immediatly thought of a cute design and coordinate.

fabric and designCollapse )

oh! and I finally ordered these socks, I just have to make a matching dress now.
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Linzer Tarts   
12:27am 16/02/2008

Happy Belated St. Valentines Day!!

These are a few of the many (56) linzer tarts I made for St. Valentines day for everyone at school. <3

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11:33pm 11/02/2008
  My boots broke this past Sunday, and my Mother has graciously implied that she is willing to get me a new pair. Which I appreciate very much since I wear skirts, with longjones underneath then all winter long. This combination without kneehigh boots LOOKS DUMB!! XD!!

I've looked around online a bit and so far have come up with one pair that looks decent.


Overstock.com also has some really nice Frye boots rather inexpensive, I'll see if my Mom will go for them


I'm asking if anyone else knows any good online spots to look for boots. I've tried Shoes.com, Zapados, Frye.com, and Overstock. They should be brown, round toe, short heel, laceup, kneehigh, and preferably not overly mannish.

Yes, I am picky.

in a perfect world I would have these (with a shorter heel):
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Out of the Dark   
02:53am 10/02/2008
  Today as a result of clearing out the condo of excess unneeded electronic equipment(including 5 ancient laptops lol!), we found a moniter with a better screen then the one I had been using. It's old(ish), but beautifully light and airy compared to the picture I was getting on the old one. So now I can edit photos, look at blackxblack clothing, and do pixel art. My laptop has even inexplicably stopped making terrible snowblower noises (for now...).

In celebration I made a new DA ID, that I'm using on my LJ user info page. I love that photo Autumn took. I've also added two new icons, one to match the ID, and one to lighten up my user icons.

XD, Hilarious photo of me taken by Mary (I hope you don't mind me using it). I'm not sure I'll ever post with this thing, but it's amusing none the less. The quote may be a tad overused, but I'm none to original with this interwebs humor thing.

I also made this icon, but have no space for it. I look so sinister and.. cool? I'll proubly replace the pirate hat icon with it once I decide to stop trying to get everyone to purchase one XD!

Details on my next dressCollapse )
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Lolita designs   
12:26am 09/02/2008
  I am obviously pining for spring, because most of the dresses I have designed latly are not at all winter friendly. The colors chosen for each dress isn't really important, but rather more a place maker for "fabric goes here!" Please excuse the quality of the picturs, they were taken with my camara at night lol.

4 designsCollapse )

It might be a while before I get to make any of these other then the pjs. I've pretty much cleaned out my closet of lolita type fabrics, and with trying to save up for a laptop, I really can't justify buying more fabric =( I've been editing previous lolita outfits I've made for wearing to meetups, and I will perhaps have a new dress for this upcoming meetup (if all goes well). So errr... if you want to see these designs done, buy pjs, or hats!! XD
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