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12:31am 25/09/2012
  I really only use this to post in and follow communities.

Here is where I am more active on the internet:

My Brand






Thank you.
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My thesis   
01:13am 01/08/2010
  At Mary's birthday party (we won't mention how long ago it was XD)  I said I would post my graduation thesis here.

So ummm here it is:


It's on the visual language of clothing, with illustrations done by me (other then the portrait of Queen Elizabeth).  It has a section on Lolita fashion and the relation to the book Lolita  that would probably be rather drama-y if posted to the EGL community, so be warned XDD
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02:13am 02/02/2010
  February 1rst has been deamed by someone as hourly comic day.  

This year I decided to try itCollapse )
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Lily of the Valley Website   
02:53am 13/11/2009
  I'm done XDD

It's not the flashiest or cleanest website around, but I think it's fairly elegant and functional.

Thankyou everyone who read my frustriated entries about it earlyer and also those gave helpful comments (even though I ended up going in such a diffrent direction then some of the first designs >.< )

It's soooo nice to have a "web presence" now. XD

Lily of the Valley

I figured I would post it here before releasing it on an unsuspecting EGL community tommorow.

Edit: Now I must drag myself off to bed before I have the urge to tweak anything more. lol
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Websites and meetups   
01:46am 23/10/2009
  So my plans for a sleepover thing seemed to have tanked, mostly due to procrastination and slapdash planning.  ermmm... yeah it's kinda embarressing.  So I hope to have something like that in the spring, when I have plenty of time to plan ahead. 

That said, it kinda feels like the Philly lolita community is fragmenting alot.  So!  I suggest we brainstorm for a few new meetup ideas (cold weather appropriate), so that in the next few months we can get together!   I miss you gals!

hmmmph, I've been working on my website on and off, and am feeling very frustraited.  I think it's a matter of my current amaturish talents being outstripped by my aesthetic sense.  I'm not terribly happy with what I have put together so far, but I'm unsure how to better procede.  I mean I know that hardly any of even the brand websites could be considered pinicals of web design, but still, I want it to be better... in some unfathomable way. 

That said, this is what I have so far.  It's just the index and the navigation pages. 
So please, give me suggestions, be brutal if you have to.  I'm teetering between completly hating it, and thinking it's okay/no idea what to think.  how is that for confusing?
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10:49pm 18/09/2009
  are really intresting!

I get them now and then.  And I used to think that my only symptoms were the scintillating bits on the edge or center of my vision, and a huge headache shortly after and somtimes nausea.

Then I stumbled on this website: http://www.migraine-aura.org

One of the stranger ones (other then like Forced reminiscence, or Temporary Synaesthesia) was phantom phone rings.  Today while walking around I thought I heard my friend Autumn's cell phone ring, but then decided it didn't when she didn't answer it.  I recalled what I had read, and then sorta dismissed it. 

Then bam!  a an hour or so ago I started having the visual symptoms.

Sooo weird!
Going a diffrent direction   
02:02am 15/09/2009
Thankyou all for your help with my Lily of the Valley site design in my last post.  It helped me to refocus my design ideas.   I thought about the last full picture/illustration (not including the pudding graphics, which I am very happy with) I was very happy with, and remembered that it was an art nouveau inspired beekeeper I drew for my Mom for Mothers day a year or so ago. 

So art nouveau it is!  I paged through a few of my art books and came up with this.

Lily of the ValleyCollapse )
01:30am 11/09/2009

Ugh, I am a tad frustraited today.  I went to make my "brand" website, and realized that:

A: I havn't made a website in like 4 years

B: All the websites I have made prevoiusly have been done with pixel style graphics

My original idea involved basing the design on rotating illustrations featuring the current/soon to be dress/jsk release.   I'm not really crazy about the illustration I ended up with, and I can't seem to wrap my brain around making non pixel web graphics.  I have no practice!   It just won't intigrate!  


Illustration in questionCollapse )
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on living under a rock for a month   
10:46pm 25/08/2009
  I want to appologize to my Otakon Fashion Show models for dropping off the face of the earth after the con.  I had said I was going to host a photoshoot/ sleep over/ teaparty, and I have so far said nada about it. 

That said, I am still intrested, I have no idea what time or date would work (for me nearly any), or if it's still feasable.  But, Kara, Mary, Angel, Aisha, please both forgive me and let me know either in comments or some form of E-lec-tron-ic mail what you think. 

Some ideas as to why..Collapse )
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Chanticleer Meetup   
02:08am 17/06/2009
  Please those nearby lolitas on my friends list, are any of you coming to the Chanticleer meetup this coming saturday??  I know I screwed up the dates and had to rescedual it, please forgive me and frolick with me in pretty (and well priced) gardens.  
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Selling manga   
06:55pm 15/06/2009
Okay I'm intrested in selling off most my manga collection.   All the "titles" are atleast from 8 years ago and are the "original" US coverart.  Some of the series are complete some are not.  Most of the books are in good quality, some are not.  The question I have is, what is the best way/place to sell them for the largest gain.  Preferably on LJ.  Is it better to sell them as lots (organized in series) or as single books.  How much should I price such items?

list of SeriesCollapse )
I realize that this is a tall order but I have really very little idea.  Also I'm intrested in selling my collections of original 80's My Little Ponys, but I don't think anyone on my friends list has that sort of "connections"

Please friendslist, help me!
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The Wedding   
01:38pm 04/06/2009
  Molly and James got married this past Saturday. It was really beautiful and pretty much the best wedding I have ever been to. The Mass was wonderful and inspiring; the reception charming and very enjoyable.

I got to make a beautiful wedding dress for one of my very good friends (and Godmother), as well as be in a bridal party. Both of which were a real treat and something I tried for the first time. Molly, Christina (her Maid of Honor), Autumn, and I stayed in the same hotel room the night before the wedding and had girl talk into the early hours (we almost always have boys around XD). Plus Autumn caught the bouquet XDDD

The father of the bride has posted some of the wedding photos in his flicker account. Later I plan on taking Molly to one of the local gardens (Longwood or Chanticleer) to take some more detailed photos of the dress. It's hard to get good shots of all the embroidery and details durring a wedding XD

Here's the photos
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Wedding dress update   
12:10am 02/05/2009
I figured since the wedding dress I'm working on is taking so much of my time recently (crunch time!) I'd post the design of it like I said I would.

Silk and english netCollapse )
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Mary Magdalene..   
09:10pm 01/05/2009
  I've really gotten out of the habit of looking at the brand websites because I havn't seen anything that really wows me in a few years.

Then I go to the MM site and see this:

Oh MM, why didn't I think of this?? *weep*

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03:37am 17/04/2009
  After seeing the soo very cute gardening photo post by Angel with the wonderful straw hat she's wearing, it's made me intrested again in getting a full sized straw hat to wear with lolita.  I've been off and on intrested in getting one to wear, but always been put off because I feel like with my bangs and shape of face I can't pull off a full sized hat.  I only have one, a cream wool cloche that I've only really worn once or twice.  The only photo I have of me in it makes me look like a sleepy muppet.  XD

So anyway I was looking about online for hats that I think would work, and found a couple.

If I could afford it I would get this one, but umm spending $160 on a hat that may not look good on me is not something I do lol  Such a beautiful hat though.

Ruling that one out I looked around a bit more.

This one is really cute, and proubly a contender if I decide to get one, it's a bit...messy looking though.

I really like the shaping of the crown of this hat, but the oblong not round shape kinda puts me off. 

If I was just buying hats that I would love to wear, stares at me like I'm a crazy person to be totally ignored I would get this beauty and wear it all the time.
It's already been proven that I can look good in bonnets, just the idea of a cloth bonnet still smacks of little girl to much for me (unless I'm in full Victorian period costume lol).   

I fully admit that one of the reason I want a straw hat is to look just a bit more like Anne of Green Gables XD  Oh my do I love those books.  Thats also one of the reasons I want to make my wardobe more Natural Kei.  It already sorta is, but I want to make it more so.  More layers, more floral prints, more pintucks, more ruffles.  *swoon*  I don't care how much my Mom already thinks I dress like a school marm (Hey I am one XD!)

Additionally, I'm going to Martha's Rococo picnic yay!  As I havn't made any true rococo gowns, and I certianly don't have the time to make one (give me a month, my renn dress took a month XD) , I'm going in lolita.  My current plan is to wear the dress I made for Otakon two years ago.  It clearly needs some work done to it, which is what I get for making a dress out of a completly new pattern when I don't have time to even try it on before the event.  >.<  I currently plan to raise the waistline, make the skirt shorter, and mess a bit with the bodice.  I hope it won't need too much refinishing because I only have a week. 

It's not really rococo in feel at all, so I hope to accessorize it in a fitting way.  If I can I'll put my hair up in a Marie Antoinette style bouffant, with roses, pearls, and feathers.  I've tried it once before and it was moderatly successful, I'd like to curl my hair first if possible.  As for accessories I'm thinking of this jewlery with these shoes.

Green Cameo Pearl Choaker

Two string pearl necklace

Large Pearl drop earrings

Several String Pearl Bracelet

Carmel Colored Heels (for lack of a better shoe)

So umm lots of pearls.  If I can't get the otakon dress to work I guess I'll wear my green rose dress, which is very pretty.
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Thailand, part one of many.   
02:07am 08/04/2009
  Flying, lots of FlyingCollapse )  
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Uh yeah   
01:57am 05/04/2009
  mmmm, yeah back from Thailand.  Very back, like quite a few weeks back. lol  I've spent the first two weeks back randomly passing out, and since then I've been working on the Wedding dress (not mine Carla!).  Two more months! ack!

I havn't edited my photos yet (big surprise huh?), there are like 400 + which of course doesn't include the 1/4 of pictures my camara card lost inexpliciably!  double argh!

I do promise to edit the photos and post them eventually, when I get some free time.
Itunes meme   
02:35am 22/02/2009
Stolen from CarlaCollapse )
What I've been, will be up to   
11:44pm 17/02/2009
  I've been trying to figure out how to mention important things that I have been up to, will be up to in a journal I almost never post to.  So all subtly aside.


Umm yeah btw it's not mine haha, sorry for the heart attack internet friends.   It's for my friend Molly; and the experience is both exciting, tedious, and absolutly frightening.  It's edwarian inspired, and will (hopefully ack!) be beautiful. 

Very light cream silk underdress with pintucks and lace, white english cotton netting overdress embroidered with peonys, ferns and little generic flowers, accented with pearls and clear glass beads.  All the lace used is being knitted with tiny tiny silk thread by Molly (including her veil), proving that my friends are as delightfully maniacal as me.

Photos of the Bride and insprationCollapse )
So far I am mostly done the undergarments; they need a bit of decorative detail added.  I finished the petticoat today, I don't usually make petticoats, but I didn't like any of what was available in stores.  So I was drowning in organza ruffles XD  It's going to be attached to the dress so currently it's just pinned to the duct tape changeling of Molly. 

I've also done a substantle part of the embroidery, I'm nearing the end of the embroidery for the train.  It was a real challange because the netting made it unlike other projects I've done; I have to make sure all threads on the "wrong" side of the fabric hide behind the embroidery on the "right" side of the fabric.

Tommorow I hope to start working on the muslin of the dresses.  I use the term muslin loosly here, as I'm using some truely hidious fabrics I picked up from the dollar a yard table (now $1.50 a yard) at Walmart.  I choose them based on how they draped like the actual fabric I'm using.  So the fabric standing in for the crisp silk is a thick cotton that is brick colored with salmon pinstripes.  Think thats bad?  The replacement fabric for the cotton netting is a loosly woven teal fabric made out of something I can only describe as "fine burlap".  Yeah the test dress should be horribly ugly unless you're color blind.

Moving on.


March 4th till the 18th.  I'll be going with my parents to meetup with my little brother; who is currently doing semester at sea.  We will be spending one night in Bangkok, then flying to Puket, spending a night there, taking a boat to a small island called Phi-phi (were "The Beach" was filmed), spending a few days there, then back to Bangkok to meet my brother. 

I'm both really looking forward to it and also am somewhat nervous.  I've never been to a foreign country before (other then carribian islands and Canada), also I think that certian *ahem* things that are common there are likely to distress me.  Not to mention the current political unrest going on there.  Hopefully the bad reactions I got from the typhis vaccine pills and tetanus shot will be the low points XD

Anway, here is a list of things I am looking forward to:

Warm weather, fresh tropical fruits (coconuts! joy!), Monkey beach (on phi-phi), elephants, the beautful rococo Cathedral that's in Bangkok, beatiful island veiws, thai silks (mmmmm!), inexpensive chinese lolita shoes, seeing my brother. 

Oh and also watching my Mom try durian (she really wants to) LOL!

I will really make an effort to post photos of the trip here.
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Happy New Year!   
01:18am 01/01/2009
  Happy New Year, Merry 8th day of Christmas, and a good Feast of Mary Mother of God!

I hope you all are having a good time.

I am editing the photos from the meetup yesterday and have discovered the glow feature on Paint.net


I don't care if it's considered silly; glowy and pretty! Fear!
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